Business Leadership Incubation Program has been designed with the aim of empowering enterprising college students with business oriented goals and skillsets. Participants selected into this program will receive business training from successful IIM graduates, practical experience in sales and marketing and handsome earnings for their efforts.

About the Program:

  The aim of the Business Leadership Incubation Program is to give a platform to youngsters to experiment and learn one of the most important functions of running a business- Sales and Marketing. Participants selected into the program will undergo training by IIM graduates in crucial aspects of Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Analytics and allied areas. To ensure participants hit the ground running, their practical learnings will come from promoting relevant ChalkStreet courses to one of our biggest target segments, college students. The Participants in the program will receive handsome (above industry average) commissions on the efforts put in. Phase 2 of BLIP will involve PORs (Positions of Responsibility) intended to teach leadership and strategy to select candidates. For their valuable efforts in promoting an important cause, candidates will receive career guidance and mentorship to further their aspirations.

  If you are interested in Entrepreneurship or a career in Management, changing the way learning happens in India and earning money to live comfortably while in college, this program might just be the one for you. Apply now!


Sales and Marketing Training

Learn the tricks of the trade from the best in the country and real life implementation opportunities

Career Guidance

Get coveted mentorship and assistance from IIM graduates to further your managerial aspirations

Earnings and Rewards

Earn handsomely through performance based commissions and rewards


Rajesh Kumar

Founder Director, Focus Academy for Career Enhancement
Founder, ChalkStreet
Specialty: Sales and Marketing
Past: Citibank, Wealth Advisors India
Education: IIM Kozhikode (MBA), PSG Tech (B. Tech)

Venkat Raghulan

Founder Director, Focus Academy for Career Enhancement
Founder, ChalkStreet
Specialty: Finance and Operations
Past: Citibank, Deloitte Consulting,
Education: IIM Kozhikode (MBA), Anna University (B. Tech)

Tyagarajan Sundaresan

CEO, ChalkStreet
Specialty: Business Strategy
Past: Flipkart, Amazon, Deloitte Consulting
Education: IIM Bangalore (MBA), PSG Tech (B. Tech)

Ramprakash Govindarajan

CMO, ChalkStreet
Specialty: Business Analytics
Past: Proctor and Gamble, Mu Sigma
Education: IIM Lucknow (MBA), CIT (B. Tech)


+How do I apply for the program?

Click on the Apply button on the Top Right. Fill in your details and answer the questions. You will be contacted with the specifics of the Selection process.

+Is there any Selection Criteria?

We are looking for bright candidates with a potential to be future business leaders. Although the selection process has no particular criteria, it would be favorable if you are/have one of the following:

  • Top 5%ile of your Undergraduate batch
  • State level or National level achievements
  • Prior experience in business (Internships, Family business, etc.)
  • Involvement in College Clubs and Fests
  • Influencer on Social Media

+How much time would I have to invest?

There are no fixed hours. You can think of this program as a part time job. The more efforts you put, the more you will benefit in the form of learning, mentorship, leadership opportunities through promotions and commission earnings.

+Will I be able to interact with the mentors?

Yes. Each person in the program will receive guidance and training via email communications and training videos from the mentors. Top performers will get additional one on one counselling and training sessions.

+What will I learn through this program?

Apart from general managerial knowledge, your learnings through this program will mainly revolve around the following

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Strategy
  • SEO
  • Team Management

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